Avril Lavigne: Living Porcelain Doll

Avril Lavigne is another product of ultra-religious upbringing (baptist) who has gone onto become a corporate rock-pop Princess; the standard themes of Skull and Bones, checkerboards, pentagrams and all the rest (beyond coincidence) are plastered all over her videos/photoshoots/etc. I will not go through all her images (though I did do some tbh) and find each individual one, but here are a few and a couple of videos (at start and end) featuring this type of thing. I don't know if she's MK'd but it certainly seems that something is up, been meaning to do a picture-heavy post on her for a while. As always, please leave any additional info you have on Avril, i.e interpreting her name or other highly symbolic videos etc. in comments. Obviously in this shoot note all the dolls, one with a burning head different types of doll (I think there's a Marionette puppet in the 3rd image below); the last image (in red) is quite haunting I thought.

The below image comes from this post, of a random MCM triggered to 'freeze' (like a statue; see linked post, note glazed over/blank expression like a doll) like Avril's one above... [red shoes, doll missing an eye etc] this photo-shoot seemed so blatant I had to finally post on Avril.

Props to Elluminati for the below image of her + Monarch hair-piece ([so on the head; doubly symbolic] she is also wearing red shoes which you can in the image below it just about [chose that one as it also has double horns]).

skull butterfly below

And that same Monarch butterfly thing on her head at the Black Cat cafe in Italy earlier this year [image from here; don't know who the old guy is, but note her stars].

Black/white stripes, HAIL SATANUS MUTHAFUCKUS! [her pentagram tattoo worth noting] Edit: I see some Avril fans have been checking out this post, the 'hail satanus' line is just humor... she is not a Satanist or anything like that (which most people seem to be assuming is what I'm saying over at Avril fans forum [please research mind control + the global conspiracy (Skull and Bones secret society, Freemason's use of the checkerboard etc) for necessary background on the 'elite's occult belief system and such]), she has no control over any of the occult crap she is made to wear/use in her videos etc. No where do I say she literally worships Beelzebob/Satan, mind control is the key issue... not "Satanism" or some other BS (the occult beliefs of 'the powers that be' cannot be ignored though, hence why they make her wear so much of their symbolism), if you really cared about Avril (I'm looking at you "fans" leaving sarcastic comments and nit-picking over other people's comments in the forum as if I somehow have some control over them; please see further down for response) you would investigate this seriously. If you think ALL of these symbols and themes that follow her around in virtually everything that she does are just coincidence, then you aren't thinking objectively. Do you honestly think there is no subversive deeper/symbolic meaning to the top Porcelain Doll photos? Surely can tell using your intuition/common sense that something is up, without even the slightest bit of background knowledge on mind control and how it relates to dolls and other themes in this post (which if you had, it would all be so unbelievably obvious).

Devil Horns [from same shoot below the skull and bones pendant]

Click below one for detail.

Avril the Wicked Witch + Wand.

Striped, checkered... even Skull and Boned! (glove) Below one has symbolic Route 69 and such on it

Edit: Meant to add this one on the day, Avril + mask.. please bear in mind that I'm not saying anything too outlandish (i.e that she's a 'witch', the skull and bones makes her 'evil' or anything like that... quite the contrary, it doesn't get more 'real' than this imo), she is dressed up and portrayed with things like skull and bones/rose/checkerboards/etc because she is a victim of those that use this symbolism (those involved in MK/controlling these famous puppets) as their own in the media that they control ['corporate elites'; skull and bones, checkerboards... I'm not sure how you can explain all the symbolism away as just 'meaning POTCB' though, nor do I see the connection between the Prestige photoshoot and POTCB ((other than fellow living porcelain doll MKK Keira Knightley of course ;))]... who knows maybe she is just a massive POTCB fan and is for some reason well schooled in MK symbolism also! [/sarcasm, though I think I may have misunderstood the last comment (17th December) and I'm not sure which picture said commenter is referring to (leave another comment if you'd like to clear it up) that apparently 'must mean Pirates of the Caribbean' (the 14th december 15:56 comment is being sarcastic btw, completely missing the point)]

Wizard of Oz black/white striped stockings + big skull and bones ring (you'd be hard pressed to find a photoshoot without her wearing a skull and bones... to the delight of Bush and the rest of the Bonesmen).

Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne